Presentation: Morocco – from Marrakech to Sahara


This presentation will be in English only!

As-Salaam-Alaikum! In April 2016 Mariana and Brian decided to make a dream come true and explored Morocco. They only had 6 days to relish the colorful country and the nomadic culture of the Berbers and their adventure proved to be everything they awaited. They travelled what used to be the old caravan route – from Marrakesh to Ourazazate, to the UNESCO protected Ait Ben Haddou, to the liberating emptiness of the Sahara desert, where their nomadic hearts felt at home. This story show that even 6 days are enough to meet your dreams.
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PLACE: Travelers Club
DATE: 1 JUNE 2016
START: 19:30
TICKET: 7 leva (price includes a presentation, as well as a free drink and snacks)

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