Presentation: Travel the world on a motorcycle with the traveler Sjaak Lucassen


We are proud to welcome in the Travellers Club one of the world’s most influential motorcycle explorers Sjaak Lucassen from Holland.

He will share with us his experience of what is to travel around the world on a motorcycle, which includes R1 world tour for 5 years, Fireblade world tour for 3 year and riding a motorbike on the polar cap!

Lucassen reckoned he had spent ten years of his life journeying in the saddle of a motorcycle, coming across many challenges and adventures like:
Виж повече

Passage on a cocaine boat • Blasting dynamite in Bolivia • Crossing the Sahara • A motorcycle as hand luggage in a Russian plane • Speed record on the world’s largest salt lake • Stalin’s Road of Bones • River crossing in a dugout • In love with a Venezuelan beauty

Sjaak is probably…
• the first person who rode on a motorcycle from the northernmost point of the US, via the frozen ice sea, to the southernmost point.
• the one that covered the longest distance with a trailer behind a motorcycle, between the northernmost and southernmost point of the US.
• the first one who arrived on studs in Key West
If you are curious to hear about the great experience of such a traveler, you are welcome on 12 July in the Ttavellers Club!
More about Sjaak Lucassen:

The English written book about Sjaak’s worldtravel called ‘Life on 2 Wheels’ will be available during the presentation and a documentary DVD about him and his travels called ‘Sjaak the World’

Date: 12 July 2016

Start: 19:30

TICKET: 7 leva (price includes a presentation, as well as a free drink and snacks)

You can buy a ticket:
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– FROM THE TRAVELERS CLUB – during the working hours, any day before the exact day of the event